This site is dedicated to students taking the six Pathways to Philosophy.

The quality of a philosophy essay is a function of the difficulty of the task you have set yourself. In these selections, I have veered towards work which is more instructive, avoiding discussions that are too difficult or obscure — or maybe aimed too high and didn’t quite hit the target.

Essays will be added on a regular basis.

This is not a popularity contest, but an opportunity for Pathways students to receive constructive feedback as well as communicating their passion for philosophy to a wider public.

For a longer dip in the refreshing waters of philosophy, consider joining the International Society for Philosophers which will give you access to all essays submitted by other ISFP members.

If all you are doing is reading philosophy or about philosophy — or discussing philosophy on forums — then you are missing out on something important: the experience of writing philosophy. That’s our view.

For more on the importance of essay writing in philosophy, see Writing a philosophy essay.

Geoffrey Klempner



21st December 2014


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